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We are entirely baby focused. Other than your baby’s basic need and both parents and baby are healthy, we have compiled top 10 things you will need to know so that you and your baby will derive maximum benefit from your visit.




  1. Your baby should be well fed and rested 30 minutes prior to treatment. Please be mindful when making your appointment that you choose a time when your baby has been well fed and napped, at least 30 minutes prior to treatment.  For babies younger than 6 months, please make sure not to feed them anything 30 minutes prior to their appointment in order to prevent possible regurgitation of milk.
  2. Dressed for comfort as you will be leaning over a tub playing with your water baby and sitting on the mat while giving your baby a massage. Come as you are! Parents are required to stay, be involved and watch for the duration of treatment.
  3. We encourage you to bring your spouse, a family member, or a friend. Because our space is small and we like to keep a calm environment for the babies, we ask that you limit it to one guest only.
  4. Please ensure that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment for any registrations and baby check up.
  5. Babies should have a min. weight of 4.5kg and max. height of 76cm to undergo hydrotherapy. It is safe to schedule your first visit after the remaining umbilical cord is gone.
  6. Min. 3 days prior booking required. Bookings subject to availability. Rescheduling must be made at least 1 day prior to original booking.
  7. The treatment is not suitable for babies who have been vaccinated 3 days prior to treatment, and babies who are not in good health.
  8. If this is your single visit, you will need to purchase a swimming diaper. Please bring your own unless you have one. Customer who has purchased our package will have swimming diaper included in their swim package.
  9. We encourage parents to start bringing your baby as young as possible to familiarize with the programme
  10. If you have registered for Infant Massage class, please bring a small pillow and a blanket to put your baby on. If you baby has sensitive skin, you may bring your own towel too.

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