Infant Massage Sabah

IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) is the largest and most experienced infant massage organization in the world with a presence in more than 67 countries. Founder Vimala McClure’s work, dating back to the 1970s, is supported by current scientific and medical evidence.

Our program is being spread with love and joy throughout the world community by thousands of IAIM certified instructors who have received exclusive education through our exceptional and qualified trainers.

"I don't take it as truth simply because a researcher said it.
I don't believe in many of the present day materialist paradigms which seek to mechanize the human being and disprove the power of love. I encourage you to form your own opinions, to read with an open mind and also with your heart awake to the eternal truths, the natural laws which are beyond our power to discredit. There are various opinions regarding the difference between bonding/attachment and exactly how human babies establish healthy bonds with their caregivers. The subject is a huge one in the field of Child Development Theory. My interest is in the emotional/spiritual component of the parent-infant relationship and how a regular practise of Infant Massage can enhance that relationship. I belief in that relationship and would not even attempt to disprove its power in the formation of healthy human beings capable of loving and caring for others"
- Vimala McClure


The purpose of the International Association of Infant Massage is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so that parents and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community.

In IAIM, we respect our babies. Our baby is our teacher. Other than Little Penyu Baby Swim Spa, you can also find out your nearest IAIM Instructors by following our updates in Infant Massage Sabah It's never too late to bond :)


"we touch the sky when we touch a human being" Novalis


Benefits of infant massage

Stimulation - Stimulates all systems and senses
Relaxation - Reduces cortisol* and helps with sleep
Relief - Challenges such as colic, constipation and teething
Interaction - Helps with language and bonding

Benefits of infant massage for babies

  • Relaxed and sleep better
  • Promote good digestion
  • Stabilize respirotary system
  • Increase bonding with parents and increase trust
  • Feel secure and build self esteem
  • Improve joint muscle for baby development and motor skill
  • Increase concentration and reduce the risk of autism (by protecting their nervous system)

*Cortisol (stress related hormone)

Cortisol is a hormone to keep low

  • Produced under stress triggers that produce ACTH
  • Floods our whole body
  • Blocks the "good" hormones including SLEEP hormones
  • Is in itself stressful
  • Affects the nervous system

It is important to remember that several parents and babies suffer from stress, then their cortisol too becomes too high.


"Connect with your children heart to heart. Touch them with your hands, your eyes and your heart. Let them bond with the living, the breathing world"


What type of massage oil should I use?

The IAIM recommends to use vegetable oil (from a vegetable source such as sunflower, coconut, grape seeds, almond, etc) Preferably first cold pressed and organic. To put it simply, whatever you can put in your mouth is safe for your baby.

Avoid oil with:

  • Chemicals, smells and perfumes. Baby's sense of smell is more sensitive than an adult, hence this will interfere with bonding. Remember, their most favourite smell is YOU! So why not skip the expensive oil?
  • Synthetic or mineral (petroleum base) oil. This oil is not recognised by the body, takes longer to process and needs to be eliminated
  • Essential oils which is concentrated from plants. This oil is too strong for babies (skin and sense of smell) as it will over stimulate the brain and cells

IAIM Instructors around the world come from different backgrounds:

Social Workers
Play Therapist
Occupational therapists
Massage Therapists
... and more!

We all share the same mission!

Found an IAIM instructor?
Please make sure that they followed
the IAIM rules below:

*IAIM instructors NEVER massage babies
*IAIM instructors demonstrate on dolls
*IAIM instructors offer classes to PARENTS
*Basic IAIM class format is 5 sessions

Group sessions is always the best to help
parents socially recover especially
with special needs :)


Certified Infant Massage Instructor Training by IAIM

It is common for us to see infant massage centres and individuals describing and promoting the benefits of infant massage researched and listed by IAIM, but few actually practise its basic principle, which is to let only the parents massage their babies.

We highly encourage infant massage centres around Malaysia and Asia as well as interested individuals to become a certified IAIM instructor, create more awareness and help encourage others to practise its principles!

You may view trainings available near your area here


Respecting your babies

"Human being can not survive without touch"
 Ashley Montagu

In IAIM, we respect babies' senses, cues, and behavioural state. We should NEVER massage a crying or a sleeping baby. The quiet alert state is the best state to massage a baby where they are present, attentive and calm.

The IAIM program is not a luxury. It is a necessity especially for third millennium babies. Modern babies are often UNDER stimulated and OVER stimulated. If we attack their nervous system, our baby might either withdraw or become aggresive


"A lifelong process beginning with a reciprocal, interactive system between parent and infant" - Bowlby


Main elements of bonding:

Eye contact
One to one time
'Happy' Hormones production (oxytocin, prolactine)
Having time

What disturb bonding:

Birth complications
Seperation from baby
Absent partner
Financial challenges
Special needs
Unwanted pregnancy
Other children
Babies' gender
Postnatal depression


"What is right for each child may not be right for all children.
What is right cannot always be proven in a laboratory"


Massage Condition and Environment
when massaging your baby:

*Warmth (not too hot/cold around 26c)
*Dimmed lights (no lights above head)
*Low noise, Quiet (no watching TV while massaging)
*Comfort (put a blanket underneath if possible)
*Rhythm and Routine
*Asking Permission from your baby is mandatory