Little Penyu provides a nurturing environment where you and your baby can play and learn. Every area is designed with hygiene and safety in mind too. You may view our interior design here


  • Our Baby Swim Spa System is a warm water-based method of strengthening and stimulating babies to improve their physical growth and mental development.
  • Our tubs are filled with non chlorinated water and is double filtered to ensure that your baby's skin is well protected. Our large communal tub is limited to 3 babies per session to ensure a good time, and also using filtered water and maintained at 34-35 degrees.
  • Our water is filtered from the main source using Aqueous Water Filter system to ensure cleanliness and is change daily.
  • Babies under 6 months swim in individual pods of purified water before moving into the bigger tub.
  • We are using the multi award winning Clevamama Splash & Wrap Baby Bath Towel which is designed to fasten around your neck like an apron, giving you two free hands to lift your baby safely out of the bath. The towel also acts as a splash guard for parents. This extra-large towel is made from 100% cotton and the delicate weave is perfect for drying in between little fingers and toes
  • All towels are washed and dried using baby-friendly detergent in a baby-friendly washing machine and drier.



  • No Jacuzzi functions that create water currents which not only imped baby's ability to learn to swim, but its internal pipes can easily harbor germs that cannot be cleaned.
  • All single tubs are equipped with a transparent glass where parents are able to see what is happening under the surface (including those chubby legs too!)
  • Little Penyu has a wide selection of floats and swim toys to suit babies of different sizes, weight, and ability. All our floats are BPA free, Phthalate free and made from baby safe materials.
  • Depending on each baby's weight, ability, and adaptability to water, our staff will choose the right type of float for each swim session.
  • A flotation device will support an infant of any weight safely and comfortably in water. It fits loosely around the neck and supports the baby's head by the chin and the occipital bones at the base of the skull.
  • This flotation device is light yet able to support up to 25kg. It's lightness allows the baby complete unhindered movement, providing him a comfortable floating experience. During the swimming session, it is mandatory for parents to be near your baby along side with our staff (not just in Little Penyu, but also if you choose to swim with your baby in public swimming pool)
  • For newborns or petite baby, we have Swimava's petite size neck rings.  For older babies, we have the standard Swimava and other varieties neck rings that allow babies to move their hands and body freely in the water.  For babies who are able to sit by themselves, i.e. support their upper body weight, we have the Swimava G2 body ring, Mambo Baby UnderArm Ring with Seat and the Award Winning Fred's Swim Trainer for them to try.



  • At Little Penyu, parents are required to hands on to nurture the bonding between them and their babies.
  • Our Baby Swim Spa is equipped with CCTV monitoring system including door system for safety.
  • Our waiting area is available for parents to relax while waiting for their turn. Softbooks and board books (for toddlers) and reading materials (for parents) are also available while waiting for your turn.



  • We have 3 comfortable nursing areas for mothers who are breastfeeding.
    (we understand because we are mothers too!)
  • We have refrigerator for you to store your expressed milk and a warmer for breastfeeding mothers convenient.
  • We have baby mingling room for your baby to interact with other babies!
  • Our baby mingling room is also where you will do your IAIM infant massage classes. You may also use the room to massage your baby (we encourage you to join our infant massage class first), share your experience with other mothers and take your time to relax before heading back to the busy world.
  • We are using disposable swim diapers for babies 0 - 4mo to prevent spills and it is included in your baby's swim session. Additional swim diapers are also available for purchase.
  • Babies from 5mo to 24mo will use our fresh environmental friendly and washable swim cloth diaper with biodegradable liners for hygiene purpose. We also provide free service to wash and store the swim cloth diaper should parents choose to purchase their own swim cloth diaper for their baby’s personal use. This way, not only we can encourage parents to be more aware of the environmental friendly option but also assist to reduce waste. We are also happy that Little Penyu is the first baby swim spa in Malaysia to use this method in operating our business.