Adopt a Sea Turtle

"Penyu" or Marine turtles have swum in the world's oceans for over 100 million years and 4 out of 7 species of  turtles nest on Malaysian beaches. Unfortunately turtles are in grave danger of becoming extinct. As part of our community project, Little Penyu is honored to be working together with WWF-Malaysia to help save our marine turtles and we highly encourage parents to do the same by making a symbolic turtle adoption on behalf of your baby.

Let your baby grow up feeling proud and aware of the importance in taking care of our sea and our marine life around! You can do it here by clicking the link below or let our therapist assist you in Little Penyu Baby Swim Spa! We will also be taking a polaroid and include the photo of you and your baby in our "I have adopted a Penyu" wall.

Step 1: Go to WWF-Malaysia's symbolic adoption page here OR go to Little Penyu Baby Swim Spa outlet and let our therapist assist you.
Step 2: Symbolically adopt a sea turtle (monthly donation or one time donation)
Step 3: Insert YOUR BABY'S NAME (name on cert column)
Step 4: As a WWF-Malaysia Donor, you will receive**:

**(This is what you will receive for a minimum donation of RM38/month for a year OR one time donation of RM210)
a) A cute Turtle plush toy
b) An eco friendly bag
c) An Info Card
d) A Certificate
d) A fact sheet on Turtles and
e) 4 Green Heart Magazines that you will receive quarterly

Step 5: Our therapist will snap a photo of you and your baby, then display it on our "I have adopted a Penyu" wall*
*Only if it's done in our Little Penyu baby swim spa

So what are you waiting for?

Adopt today!

In support of WWF-Malaysia, Little Penyu Baby Swim Spa pledges to donate RM1 from every single swim session purchase and RM5 from every Arnie, Bambino, Swinger and Smooth package purchase from 1st January 2015 till 31st December 2015.‚Äč