About Little Penyu

Little Penyu is the first baby swim spa in Sabah, own by a Sabahan (Yes! Little Penyu is proud to be a Sabah brand!). We are also honored to be the first baby spa in Malaysia that is following and in line with the principles of IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage). Our program is developed for babies who are 2 weeks – 6 months of age (in general) and is opened for babies up to 3 years of age.

In Little Penyu, we respect your baby, and it is our mission to bring parents and baby closer together. Our team consists of mothers and also therapists experienced as neonatal nurses. We support breastfeeding and it is also a baby friendly spa. It is crucial that our baby is not overstimulated; hence, we will try our best to keep a calm environment for the benefit of you and your baby. Regardless, in Little Penyu, babies can be babies. They can cry, pee, poo, pass gas and etc. We encourage you to bring your spouse, a family member, or a friend; but because our space is small and we like to keep a calm environment for the babies, we ask that you limit it to one to two guests especially on our busy days.

Our Baby Swim Spa System is a warm water-based method of strengthening and stimulating babies to improve their physical growth and mental development.The water is double filtered and is none-chlorinated, giving your baby's skin a gentle touch as he/she enjoys floating in them, without you worrying about how hot or rainy the weather is. Please check out more of our facilities here.

We are also supporting WWF-Malaysia to save the marine turtles as part of our community project. We highly encourage parents to help their baby to adopt one turtle under their baby’s name only for a small fee. Let your baby grow up feeling proud and aware of the importance in taking care of our sea and our marine life around! You can do it through our website or let our therapist assist you in Little Penyu Baby Swim Spa! We will also snap a photo of you and your baby and display it on our "I have adopted a Penyu" wall.

Little Penyu has also started introducing the usage of fresh environmental friendly and washable swim cloth diaper with biodegradable liners for hygiene purpose. We also provide free service to wash and store the swim cloth diaper should parents choose to purchase their own swim cloth diaper for their baby’s personal use. This way, not only we can encourage parents to be more aware of the environmental friendly option but also assist to reduce waste. We are also happy that Little Penyu is the first baby swim spa in Malaysia to use this method in operating our business.
Last but not least, parents also have the option to celebrate their babies birthday in Little Penyu with our new Pool Party pack!



Our Founder

Dear Mommies and Daddies,

Like all mothers, I am constantly busy with my daily hectic chores and appreciate every little time I get to spend with my babies (Adam & Arya). I am a hobby convention organiser, a kickboxing studio owner, a housewife and an online business entreprenuer. When I first gave birth to my first born son in March 2014, i noticed that day by day, time is moving too fast and so is my son. As i observed his growing up process, i thought to myself that I don't want to wait to have more children only to realize that I need to spend more time with him. By then it'll be too late. With that honest intention, that is how Little Penyu Baby Swim Spa was created. To have a unique centre where I can enjoy my time together with my son, and now with my newborn daughter, Arya. They are both my cute Little Penyus :)

The centre was also set up to give opportunity and additional options for parents who is looking for healthy and fun ways to pamper their child and most importantly to spend more time with them, creating a deeper bond through parents hands on process throughout the sessions and enjoy the homey environment during their visit. Little Penyu is also a place where moms get to chit chat with other moms and share experiences, while the babies see and interact with one another. Even better, most babies sleep more soundly at night after each session!

I am also an IAIM Certified Infant Massage Instructor (CIMI) and Massage in School Program (MISP) certified trainer, sharing the belief that every babies and children deserves respect, tenderness, warmth and a listening heart. IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) is a global organisation and the world-class standard for the training and teaching of baby massage. All IAIM infant massage instructors, throughout the world, receive a comprehensive programme of practical and theoretical training. Through our gentle infant massage classes, you will not only enjoy a fun way to learn how to soothe your baby, relieve tummy upsets, learn to understand your baby’s non-verbal language and much, much more, but you will also be able to feel confident and closer to your baby. For that, I can’t wait to meet all loving parents in Little Penyu soon! Enjoy!

Fara @Aya

Our Team

Nurturing bonds with love is our motto. At Little Penyu Baby Swim Spa, we will always make sure that we recruit trained and certified physiotherapists to assist and guide you throughout your bonding process with your child. Following the guidelines of IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage), a global organization with a world class standard for the training and teaching of baby massage, none of our therapists will massage your baby other than yourself. To equip yourself more with a great infant massage knowledge recommended by IAIM, our certified IAIM instructor will guide you through a once a week 5 times classes in our Infant Massage course. Not only will you not need to spend to have other people to massage your child, but you can also nurture bonds with your baby, and be confident and know your baby better through the techniques that you will be learning in the IAIM infant massage course.

Our Name and Brand - Little Penyu is a Sabahan brand and we are proud to be one! Our brand name is created based on Sabah’s endangered marine life identity which is the sea turtle, not forgetting the cute outlook of the baby turtles who are so fragile after they have been hatched into the world and ready to swim into the ocean.