Welcome to Little Penyu Baby Swim Spa

Little Penyu Baby Swim Spa is a water therapy concept where babies can float and swim in a safe and supervised water environment encouraging brain development, motor movement and strength even before baby started crawling. We are the first baby spa in East Malaysia offering indoor non-chlorinated and double filtered water using individualized swimming pools, as well as in a 2 meter large communal pool. Our baby swim spa is developed for babies who are 0-3 years old. We also offer Kids Spa for bigger Kids age 4 - 12 years old as well as the IAIM (International Association of Infant Massage) infant massage class for parents with 0-5 months old baby led by our certified IAIM infant massage instructor for a fun way to learn how to soothe baby, relieve gas/colic and tummy upsets, learn to understand their baby’s non-verbal language and much more. At Little Penyu, parents are encouraged to be hands on throughout the process and take the opportunity to nurture bonds with their child. Little Penyu is also a breastfeeding pit stop for lactating mothers to feed their child for free.

  • Baby Swimming

    Babies are no strangers to water and most are delighted to have the freedom to move on their own. Our baby swimming is catered for baby from 0-3 years old. For newborn babies, it is safe to schedule your first visit after the remaining umbilical cord is gone. Swim diapers are available and large warm towels are provided.

  • Preparing for your visit

    We are entirely baby focused. Other than your baby’s basic need and both parents and baby are healthy, we have compiled top 10 things you will need to know so that you and your baby will derive maximum benefit from your visit. You may also visit our facilities page to view what is being provided by our centre.

  • Infant Massage Class

    Baby massage every week helps with sleep and colic! As your baby transitions from life in the womb to the outside world, positive touch through massage can help he/she to feel loved, respected and secure. It can also help with initial communication and understanding between child and parent as baby develops their first language: touch.

  • Make extra income with us!

    No one is better at spreading the love if not YOU the parents! You guys are just SO AMAZING and it's time to get rewarded for all the referrals you've been making! Introducing Little Penyu Starfish Club where parents can now generate extra income through recommending and selling Little Penyu services on our behalf. Enjoy Starfish agent price... Earn commission!

  • Adopt a Sea Turtle

    "Penyu" or Marine turtles have swum in the world's oceans for over 100 million years and 4 out of 7 species of  turtles nest on Malaysian beaches. Unfortunately turtles are in grave danger of becoming extinct. In support of WWF-Malaysia, Little Penyu highly encourage parents to help their baby to adopt one under their baby’s name as part of our community project to save our marine turtle!

  • Kids Spa

    Treat your little princess and little his royal highness with our new Kids Spa! The spa include feet soak, home made feet scrub, jacuzzi session, home made face mask, manicure and pedicure! This will be the best pampering and fun treat ever! Don't go solo! How about come in group ;)